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“To visit an urban landscape is to experience a minutely calibrated series of adjustments”, where noone really knows, what will happen next...

Jane Livingston

Tilt+Shift Your City.

on congruence of parallel lines.

ADSL 2011 Workshop [ CONGRUENCE ]
Artesis University College Antwerp
Christian Fröhlich

[(CoC + DoF) – (T+S)]

Using the circle of confusion (CoC) to
determine the depth of field (DoF) by
avoiding the congruence of parallel lines (T+S).

The Scheimpflug principle, helpful in avoiding the convergence of parallel lines, when photographing tall buildings.

Video Installation

for 8 screens representing 8 concurrent views
of Your City from one view point. Tilted+Shifted.

Tilt+Shift Your City. Installation View.
Object: 51° 13′ 44.14′′ N, 4° 24′ 17.08′′ E | MAS, Museum aan de Stroom by Neutelings Riedijk Architects just before opening in feb 2011.

I want to introduce the medium video, which to me as an architect is very close, because it can do several things so very well: It can document but also measure streams of movement and record events that one can not see while only watching. It shows things that can not be recognized quickly through our normal senses.
Therefore we will take video footage as a basis for our workshop to find a kind of [not complete] equivalence, a certain similarity between the captured model and the real one: the city of Antwerp.