H is for house.

An Eye for Optical Theory.
Building a View Finder in order to produce a series of Video Paintings
by following a set of rules

"Video for me is a way of configuring light,
just as painting is a way of configuring paint.
What you see is simply light patterned in various
ways. For an artist, video is the best light organ
that anyone has ever invented."
Brian Eno

H is for house.

An Eye for Optical Theory

ADSL 2012 Workshop [ TRANSFORMER ]
Artesis University College Antwerp
Christian Fröhlich with Niels Wouters


Participants of the workshop “H is for house.” received extracts of the script “Curriculum for the Execution of the Drawings at Compton Anstey” from “The Draughtsman’s Contract”, a film by Peter Greenaway. They were asked to use those briefings as a set of rules, an algorithm*, to transform an interior space through a Video Painting.

(*algorithm: a precisely described procedure to solve a problem. It is a self-contained step-by-step set of operations to be performed.)

Video Painting #1

Simon Claessens
Nicolas Debuyst
Julie Jonckheer

Video Painting #2

Jeroen Geys
Vincent Van Baelen
Stijn Rybels

Video Painting #3

Ellen Van Den Brande
Nikola Znaor
Christopher Ghouse

A Set of Rules.

00:13:45,881 –> 00:13:47,279
For Drawing Number 3.

00:13:48,041 –> 00:13:50,508
From 11 o’clock in the
morning until 1 o’clock…

00:13:50,841 –> 00:13:52,832
… the back and
north side of the house…

00:13:53,041 –> 00:13:54,394
… will be kept clear.

00:13:57,920 –> 00:13:58,591
This area…

00:13:58,801 –> 00:14:00,996
… used as a place
for drying linen…

00:14:01,200 –> 00:14:03,236
… will be left as asked
for, on an arrangement…

00:14:03,440 –> 00:14:05,908
… made between the
draughtsman and the laundress…

00:14:06,121 –> 00:14:07,917
… who will take
full responsibility…

00:14:08,121 –> 00:14:10,077
… for the disposition of the linen.

Script (ectracts): The Draughtsman's Contract, Peter Greenaway, 1982

Video Painting #4

Franziska Käuferle
Eline Raaymakers
Liesbeth Donckers

Video Painting #5

Ruud Aerts
Ferdinand Fritz
Thomas Niederberger